Andy Richards

North Carolina State Director

Andy began directoring Church tournaments in 1999 and became State Director in 2009. Andy is a 2015 NC USSSA Hall of Fame Inductee

Andy's Tournaments
Johnny Blizzard

NC/SC GSL State Director

Johnny started umpiring USSSA at the upper level in 2001 and began directoring tournaments in 2009. Johnny is a 2016 NC USSSA Hall of Fame Inductee

Johnny's Tournaments
Shane Shuford

Assistant State Director

Shane has been hosting slow pitch tournaments for the last 15 years. Shane joined USSSA in 2015 as Assistant State Director.

Shane's Tournaments


Andy Conner

Women's Program Director

Andy Conner joins the USSSA family as the NC Womens Program Director. Andy brings 15 years of experience running tournaments in the NC, SC and VA areas.

Andy's Tournaments
Teresa Dubrey

Eastern NC Area Director

Teresa started umpiring USSSA 2011 and began directoring tournaments in 2016 in the Jacksonville area.

Teresa's Tournaments
Shane Hester

Elite Upper Series Director

Danny began directoring USSSA tournaments in the Wilson area in 1994 and is a 2012 NC USSSA Hall of Fame inductee

Shane's Tournaments


JC Smith

Burlington Area Director

JC Smith brings about 25 years of experience running tournaments. JC and Andy Connor will be running tournaments in the Burlington area.

Andy's Tournaments
David Fisher

Church State Director

David was the Assistant Church State Director for 20 years under Buddy Burke. David became the Church State Director in 2015.

David's Tournaments
Jay Lowe

Western NC Area Director

Jay has been running leagues for USSSA for also 25 years in the Kannapolis and Concord area. Jay will be running some one-pitch tournaments in the fuure.

Jay's Tournaments